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I'm just a Veggie Mom to a young man and one Dog, loving every moment and doing the best I can.

I've been married for a long time, have a couple very close friends, a wonderful dysfunctional extended family, and a job I love.

Everything else revolves around my amazing little Vegman and his Daddy.

This blog was intended to keep my Mom up to date on our lives, throw in a little humor along the way, and my outlet of words on an as needed basis.

My grammar is horrible, my spelling even worse, and I do a lot of this ....... to divide sentences.

My posts can be anything from Veg food to life in a Veg house, Parenting, Marriage, Pets.. and really what ever I feel like ranting about at the moment. But all are just my experiences of which you can take or leave.

If your seeing this, then you found me.. welcome, leave a comment, and say hello!

IF your not seeing this... well then.... guess I don't need to say hello *smile*


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